Rohema Lite Stix Rock (2B)

85.00 €


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Specification :
- Wood : Premium U.S. Hickory (drumsticks made by Rohema in Germany)
- Diameter : 16mm
- Length : 410mm
- Tip : Oval Tip
- Weight : 69g (per stick)
- Double USB charger included
- Made in Switzerland by Magic Sticks

- Ten LED colour modes in a single drumstick, with a range of colour effects
- 360° visual impact, thanks to nylon end lens
- mTouch capacitive switching
- Integrated charging indicator
- Micro USB Y-cable for charging, with operating indicator
- Visible at distances up to 500m
- Up to 6h illumination time (depending on colour selected) when fully charged
- Can be charged any time, any place, from Laptop/PC/iCharger or power bank

- Connect the charging cable's micro USB connectors to the two Lite Stix
- Then connect the charging cable to your Laptop/PC/iCharger or power bank
- The USB connector will show "green" when the USB system is ready for operation
- Optimum charging time is around 45mn
- The Lite Stix will flash green as soon as the batteries are fully charged
- Keep the Lite Stix switched off during charging

Instruction for use:
- Firstly charge your two Lite Stix
- Activate by touching the micro USB connectors for longer than 2 sec.
- The ten colour modes can be selected by touching the micro USB briefly
- Touch the micro USB connectors for longer than 2 sec. to switch off
- The last colour mode selected is stored
- The colour mode most recently selected appears when the Lite Stix are switched on again
- Only red can be selected if the batteries are empty
- The batteries discharge when the Lite Stix are not in use