Cymlok QCN8 - Cymlok Cymbal Nut Quick Tilter (X2)

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Stop screwing around! Rely upon Cymlok’s ultra-fast action: simply press its lock buttons to set-up & dismount your cymbals in 2 seconds.
Cymlok is EASY, FAST & SECURE! Cymlok enhances your drum kit & securely fastens your cymbals to your stands instantly. Upgrade your stands.
Replace your cymbal wing nuts with Cymloks & be ready for action in a flick !
Due to its double spring lock action Cymlok allows secure and precise position adjustment. Just like with conventional cymbal nuts, you can adjust the position of your Cymlok to control the exact amount of ‘swing’ of your cymbals.
Cymlok is a handy time saver for your convenience. It’s fast and easy to use: less time to pack and set-up your kit with less of a burden and no more dropping wing nuts. It’s got a super strong bite, a secure fit; it’s sleek looking and engineered to perform. Nothing more, nothing less.
Plain simple, next-level drummer candy!

Professional wing nut substitute
Fits all hardware brands with a M8 thread rod
Ultra fast cymbal set-up / tear-down
Professional tour-proof design
Ideal for live & recording sessions
Easy handling
Comfortable, ergonomic grip
Double lock action
100% secure fit

- Hole diameter: ca. 8 mm / 0.315"
- Thread type: M8
- Weight/pc: ca. 15 g / 0.53 oz
- Dimensions (LxWxH): ca. 35x32x27 mm / 1.38 x 1.26 x 1.06“
- Material: Hybrid polycarbonate-elastomer shell
- 2 pieces included per retail unit carton