Eccentric Systems QTCRS - Quick Torque Cam - Standard Model Single Pedal

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The Quick Torque Cam is an Eccentric cam that replaces the return spring arm on nearly ANY bass drum pedal. Using an Eccentric Cam on the return spring reduces the pressure required to push the pedal down, while multiplying the return force generated by the return spring. The yield is that the pedal returns the beater 30% faster with less spring tension which provides more impact.... It's simple physics and simply WORKS!!

Quick Torque cams are an equal opportunity upgrade providing drastically improved performance on any bass pedal from any of the major brands.

Compatible with all the bass drum pedals excepting DW and Axis. If you want to equip a DW or an Axis pedal, you'll have to choose the right Quick Torque reference between:
- QTCSS (DW single pedal)
- QTCSD (DW double pedal)
- QTCAS (Axis single pedal)
- QTCAD (Axis single pedal)

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