Finhol KIBO-03 - Kick Box Mark III - Stomp Box



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The Kick Box™ Mark III is the first digital stomp box. All previous stomp boxes work either with a built-in microphone or a built-in pickup system. The disadvantages of this analog technology is obvious, on the one hand, these devices have problems with feedback, on the other hand one needs powerful amplifier system that can handle the deep indifferent “Bloppsound”.

With the Kick Box™ Mark III there is no feedback, the real sample sound is always good, even via small Acoustic-Amp´s.

Another advantage lies in the choice of 2 sounds, this is not possible with current stomp boxes, switching between the two sounds is made possible by a small toggle switch on the front of the Kick Box™ Mark III.

Further on the Kick Box™ Mark III has an additional input for the guitar, one can use this opportunity to mixed both signals. Many guitarists use small acoustic guitar amps which have only 2 inputs usually for guitar and microphone, for this application, the Kick Box™ Mark III is perfect.

The Kick Box™ Mark III can be operated with an internal battery, as well as an external power supply, which is part of the delivery.

Sound 1: Bass Drum
Sound 2: Cajon Bass

Technical Data
• Switch for 2 sounds
• Sensor controlled
• Velocity sensitive
• Accumulator / Battery-Container: for 9 V Block
• DC Input: for 9 Volt Power Supply (negative to center)
• Microprocessor controlled
• Real Sample Play
• Solid walnut oiled
• Dimensions: 150 x 120 x 40 mm
• Weight: approx. 220 gr.
• Anti-slip coating
• Input Guitar: 6.3 mm unbalanced
• Output: 6.3 mm unbalanced (unit is turned on plugged in)
• CE, ROHS, Made in Germany

Technical Data Power Supply
• 9 Volt DC
• Power: 500 mA
• Plug: 5,5 mm / 2,1 mm
• Polarity: (negative to center)
• Switching power supply technology

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