Finhol KIBO-00 - Kick Box Basic - Stomp Box



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The Kick Box® Basic is a conventional stompbox with a built-in dynamic microphone capsule.

The design is based on a study on “physical principles of electro-acoustic stomp boxes”.

Based on the results of this study, we have developed a new miking and damping technology, the SMD Technology (Sandwitch Midfrequency Damping Technology). With this technology, a much better bass is achieved, at the same time this technique prevents the annoying middle frequences, which sounds very thin with comparable stomp boxes. Nevertheless you need for this stompbox, in contrast to our digital kickboxes, a powerful amplifier system with a good EQ sound control.

The device can be connected using a unbalanced standard jack cable.

The Kick Box™ Basic requires no power supply.

Technical Data
• Dynamic Microphone
• Impedance: 600 Ohm
• Solid walnut oiled
• Dimensions: 150 x 120 x 40 mm
• Weight: approx. 220 gr.
• Anti-slip coating
• Output: 6.3 mm unbalanced
• CE, ROHS, Made in Germany

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