Finhol ASP-01 - Auto Stomp Player MK II



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The Auto Stomp Player™ is the first human controlled drum & cajon-computer, which is played with the foot. The unit follows fully automatically the player’s speed-fluctuations, respective speed-changes.

One has to play the quarters, if the tapping is stoped, the machine stops.

This is possible due to a newly developed software algorithm, which continuously monitors the tapping of the player and adds quantized elements such as, bass drum, snare, rimshot, hihat, low cajon, high cajon, shaker and tambourine.

The underlying HCD Technology (Human Controlled Drum Computing) is patent pending.

In addition to the manual mode, you can switch the device to “Auto Play”, you then tapp the desired speed 4 times with the foot, afterwards the player will play the selected program in this speed. The player is stopped by single tapping with the foot.

The foot-tapping takes place via a standard stompox, which has to be connected via a cable to the Auto Stomp™ Player.

Switching between the different modes has to be done via a selector switch with 12 locking positions.

The sensitivity of the trigger signal is adjustable. The device works with both, an internal battery, as well as an 9-volt power supply.

01. Bass Drum & Snare & Hihat (1/4 Straight)
02. Bass Drum & Snare & Hihat (1/8 Straight)
03. Bass Drum & Snare & Hihat (1/8 Shuffle)
04. Bass Drum & Rimshot & Hihat (1/8 Straight)
05. Bass Drum & Rimshot & Hihat (1/8 Shuffle)
06. Bass Drum & Snare & Hihat (3/4)
07. Low Cajon & High Cajon
08. Low Cajon & High Cajon & Shaker (1/8 Straight)
09. Low Cajon & High Cajon & Shaker (1/8 Shuffle)
10. Low Cajon & High Cajon & Tambourine (1/8 Straight)
11. Low Cajon & High Cajon & Tambourine (1/8 Shuffle)
12. Low Cajon & High Cajon & Shaker (3/4)

Technical Data
• Switch: 12 Playing Modes
• Sensitivity controller: for the trigger
• Toggle switch: Play Type
• Microprocessor controlled
• Real Sample Play
• Velocity sensitive
• BPM: 50 – 200
• Aluminum die-cast housing
• Dimensions: 110 x 60 x 30 mm
• Weight: approx. 200 gr.
• Anti-slip coating
• Output: 6,3 mm unbalanced (unit is turned on plugged in)
• Input: 6,3 mm unbalanced
• DC Input: for 9 Volt Power Supply (negative to center)
• Battery compartment inside: for 9 V Block-Battery
• CE, ROHS, Made in Germany

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