Flix Nylon Heavy Fluorescent Rods Sticks with Tips



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Made in Glasgow - Scotland
We all know what sticks, brushes and rods sound like, but have you heard FLIX Tips? They're different!
With a unique, flat, funky sound the flexible fibers, carefully selected tips and adjustable tone rings produce a wide range of dynamic effects. At high volume, unlike other brushes and rods, FLIX Tips retain drive and control with a strong, clear response all-round the kit.
Enthusiastically received by several "major" names, Tips Heavy lay down a solid, "flat" sound. No need to reach for sticks in those louder passages!
Fluorescent were produced for on-stage use with a UV canon or round-the-kit UV spots. Totally sensational on a darkened stage, Fluorescent Sticks are made available by popular demand.

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