Gope Percussion CU0927COAL-CR - 9" Alu Conical Cuica Chrome Hoop - 27cm Depth

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Diameter: 9" (about 22.9cm)
Depth: 27cm
Shell: Conical 1mm Brushed Aluminum Shell
Lugs: 9x 215mm tension rods (reference GOP-SC-TR215 - nut reference GOP-SC-SNUT)
Hoop: Metal - Chrome Finish
Head: Animal head (natural goatskin) with bamboo stick
Weight: about 1.92kg

Gope cuicas (Brazilian snare drum) are designed and made in order to be as light as possible. Every single component has been developed in order to achieve the lightest samba instrument possible without affecting the great sound quality for what Gope is famous. These are maybe the lightest cuicas available. If you dance or move a lot with your batucada, this cuica is made for you.
Unlike other manufacturers, the shell is welded (not crimped). This process provides greater robustness and longevity of the instrument while improving the resonance of the shell and avoiding vibrations that can happen with crimped shells.
Made in Brazil

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