Logjam Rattlebox Snare Analog Stomp Box Sapele

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Rattlebox® is the most recent edition to the Logjam family.
It is a very versatile instrument. It can be used as a snare drum with appropriate eq or used more like a kick drum when the mids and highs are rolled off and the bass is boosted.
It can be played with the hands, with the feet, or with sticks or brushes. When played with the hands it is possible to get sounds akin to that of bongos or alternatively, low cajon.
The Rattlebox includes a full length drum snare underneath the lid which is responsible for it's unique analog sound.

Try your Logjam with different shoes, sound will change depending on your sole hardness.

- Hyper-sensitive stomping box
- Light and portable, about 600g
- Passive system, requires no batteries, real "plug-in-and-play" system
- Handmade in the United Kingdom from high-quality solid Sapele certificated timber
- Anti slippery rubber base
- Dimension: 292 x 130 x 50mm
- Guaranteed 3 years
- Recommended to be used on sufficiently powerful amps, small amps are not able to reproduce real bass frequencies

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