20" Bass Drum Res-O-Tone "Felt Tone" Powerstroke 3 Hazy View larger

Remo 20" Bass Drum Res-O-Tone "Felt Tone" Powerstroke 3 Hazy

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The high-end drumhead, made by REMO USA!

Dunnett R Class Res-O-Tone, Res-O-Two, and Felt Tone drum heads represent a subtle but completely new approach to the traditional drum head. While working with Remo to develop the new Felt Tone bass drum heads, Ronn Dunnett devised a simple, unique and original head design using Remo films.

The Res-O-Tone and Res-O-Two drum heads are based on the Remo Ambassador and Emperor models blended with Dunnett's proprietary film combination (patent pending). The resulting heads produce unmatched resonance, have a broader tensioning latitude, and have fresh sonic and kinetic characteristics.

These heads also have an uncoated Timpani film and a unique semi-transparent finish; "Tympanica" is how Ronn Dunnett describes them.

- Exclusively made for Dunnett by Remo USA
- Uncoated tympani film
- Expanded tension latitude
- Unique semi-transparent finish

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