Crescendo DJ Pro - SNR 17DB




Crescendo DJ (20 dB) provides a tuned, flat attenuation response and is designed as a mid-level music filter, for DJ’s playing live sets or production work.

Crescendo ear tips come with patented filter technology from Dynamic Ear Company which provides the core of our protection ensuring clarity of sound with full music dynamic whilst allowing speech to be heard. Offering the most attenuation from a true music filter Crescendo DJ is a must for the regular gig goer.

Normal music ear tips provide too much attenuation, especially at higher frequencies, this is due to the use of cheap materials and poor design. This imbalanced attenuation of sound muffles speech and makes the music sound unnatural reducing your aural experience. Crescendo provides a tuned, flat attenuation response so all frequencies are reduced by almost the same level, great for music as the DJ loses nothing of the original sound, it's just brought down to a safe level. Great for music as the listener loses nothing of the original sound, even harmonics, making Crescendo DJ the best high fidelity universal musicians hearing protection on the market.

Best suited for
Mixing and production
Club nights
Dance festivals
Amplified music

Crescendo DJ is CE and ANSI certified as hearing protection when used with the supplied universal tips.
Two (2) year limited warranty.
Developed and produced in The Netherlands.

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