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Ahead ABM5 - Chavez "Arsenal" Bass Drum Marching

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Where incredible feel, sleek design, speed and durability comes to fruition. These mallets allow you to raise your standards when it comes to selecting your bass drum mallets.

Made in USA

- Designed for 30"-32" bass drums
- Fastest mallets on the market
- 50% less shock than wood drumsticks
- Last 6 to 10 times longer than wood drumsticks
- 10% more rebound than wood drumsticks
- High precision alloy core guarantees consistent weight and balance variations of less that 1%
- Oval felt head that is attached to the shaft with a high-grade epoxy
- 1 piece shaft/handle design that eliminates any issues experienced with traditional rubber handles
- Ergonomically tuned handles
- Built-in Vibration Control System (VRS)

Technical specifications:
Length: 37.47cm (14.75 inches)
Diameter: 1.57cm (0.620 inches)
Wall Thickness: 0.95mm (0.0375 inches)
Weight: 116 +/- 3 grams
Tip: 5.72cm (2.25 inches)

Frequently asked questions:
Are AHEAD Drumsticks unbreakable?
No, but they can last up to 6 to 10 times longer then most similar sized wood models, when played the same.
How does AHEAD Drumsticks promote healthy drumming?
You can get louder with less effort, they flex and have up to 1/2 the shock of wood drumsticks and they rebound up to 10% better than wood so you can play faster.

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