Palisso Devil'S Claw

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Polish Handmade

Length: 390mm

Handle Thickness: 16mm

Weight: approx. 50g

This model has been designed to satisfy expectations of many drummers and percussionists: a good compromise between classic drumsticks, rute and brushes.

The Devil's claw consists of 10 rods of hardened bamboo - 4mm thick each. They areclustered together their milled sides into a shape of a triangle and fixed on a profiled PVC handle.

When played, the drum or percussion is simultaneously hit by 10 stiff rods on a 10 cm surface.

The technical and sound possibilities of this stick are still not entirely defined. It can also be used when playing other percussive instruments, e.g. Timbales, Congas, Bongos, Djembe, Cajon. With the Devil's Claw, you can either play using all rods simultaneously or, after an in-hand rotation, use just one or a couple. By doing so, you can obtain various types of sounds and diversified dynamics.

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