Crescendo Music 20 - Damping Filters - Protection SNR 19dB

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Crescendo Pro hearing protections has been developed to meet 4 basic needs:
- Enjoy music at safe listening levels and help preventing hearing damage
- Offer a natural sound preserving dynamism, clarity and balance between frequencies
- Allowing speech to be heard and conversation to be followed without having to remove the protection
- Being comfortable for long hours of usage (compact size, no part outside the ear, no pressure in the ear, natural ventilation)

Dynamic Ear Company filter meets all these criteria. The success of this filter is measured by its utilisation by many custom earmoulds manufacturers.

- CE standard: SNR 19dB (full system ear plug + filter), filter alone is 20dB
- Technology inspired by Crescendo Pro series- Patented membrane filter technology providing protection, ensuring clarity of sound with full music dynamic
- Made in The Netherlands

Music levels at concerts exceed the safe limit of 85 dB. Sound levels beyond this can induce hearing damage like tinnitus or long term hearing loss. Crescendo Music 20 makes it safe to listen to for up to 8 hours to music as loud as 105 dB.

Package contains:
- Two Large universal ear plugs
- Two Medium universal ear plugs (S + XL universal ear plugs available on request)
- Two acoustic linear damping filters providing average 20 dB damping and which are 100% acoustically tested
- Aluminium key-ring carrying case

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