Cymbal Crown CCB8 - Cymbal Tilter For 8mm Thread

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Cymbal Crown provides super fast set up and tear down of your cymbals. Eliminates metal to metal contact while stopping rattle sounds, keyholes and cymbal damage. Made of Ultra tough polymer with a built-in soft rubber cup for the cymbal to rest on.

- Fast set-up
- Built-in rubber cushion
- Sleeve protection
- No screws to remove
- Better cymbal sound
- No metal to metal
- Slick professional appearance
- Fits all stands (choose between 6mm or 8mm thread)
- You can add felt washer below and above the cymbal of you want to

1- Remove entire wingnut and felt from stand post.
2- Screw on Cymbal Crown holder until snug. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN
3- Pinch bulb to mount and remove the cymbal. IMPORTANT: Be sure to mount and remove cymbal over bulb corner. DO NOT force cymbal on or off holder. Doing so will ruin the unit.
4- Add or substitute felts as needed.

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