Heola Saturne - Meditation Wind Chime - Beech

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Saturne tuning - E A B C 432Hz

Handcrafted, each Heola wind chime is unique. Born from perfect craftmanship of wood and metal, it is a musical instrument on its own.

The cylinder, result of fine cabinetmaking, plays the role of resonator. Beech wood was selected for the warmth of the sound and the precision of the notes it produces.
8 steel rods are assembled by silver soldering then finely tuned. The obtained tones and the richness of its harmonics create a sound environment full of emotions.

Getting started is easy, just suspend the chime and make gentle and light movements.
Each Heola chime tells a story, its melodies changing as you move.

A prayer ,or wish, written on a piece of paper can be attached on the weight.

Praised for relaxation, meditation, music therapy... Also used as an educational tool for the return to calm of children.
This chime will help you dive into fullness very quickly.

Dimensions: 16.5cm in height - 6.3cm in diameter
Fully made in Vendée - France - using materials from local suppliers. Traced and controlled wood from European forests.

Keep away from humidity - can't stay outdoors. Preserve the wood tube using natural oil.
Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

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