Logjam Microlog 2 Analog Stomp Box Sapele

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Designed to emulate a bass drum, Logjam products are a great addition to your set and music.
Frequently used by guitar players to add rhythm and accents to their music, more and more musicians such as percussionists make it a part of their instrument line-up.

Simply plug it into an acoustic amp or a sound system, adjust the equalizer (increase low, decrease medium and high frequencies) and you get your authentic Logjam bass drum sound.
Try your Logjam with different shoes, sound will change depending on your sole hardness.

- Hyper-sensitive stomping box
- Light and portable, about 215g
- Passive system, requires no batteries, real "plug-in-and-play" system
- Handmade in the United Kingdom from high-quality solid Sapele certificated timber
- Anti slippery rubber base
- Dimension: 70 x 100 x 45mm
- Guaranteed 3 years
- Recommended to be used on sufficiently powerful amps, small amps are not able to reproduce real bass frequencies

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