Sparedrum LO16 - Shell Drilling Layout 6"-16"

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The Sparedrum Drum Drilling Layout helps to trace easily on the shells the drilling points where you will insert the lugs, snare throw-off, butt-end, air vent...
For drum shells from 6" to 16" - For bigger shells, please use the layout LO26

How to use :
- On a rigid and flat surface, position the layout
- Position then the shell on the corresponding size, the black line should be slightly visible. This will help to check that the shell is correctly centered
- Hold still the shell in position (it must not move)
- Use a square to draw lines with right angle on each colored visual mark (the choice of the color depends on the number of lugs your shell will be composed of)
- Draw marks where your the snare throw-off and butt-end will be positionned using the graph paper sides
- To check that the lines you drew are correct, you simply need to return the shell and check the squareness of the lines using your square angle
- Once all the vertical lines traced, you need to trace horizontal lines to finalize the drilling points according to the size of your hardware

Our advice:
- Before drilling, check several time your work
- Check that you are using the right drills (right diameter, adapted to the shell material)
- Measure and check carefully the dimensions and center to center dimensions of the hardware you want to install

Great drum building!

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