Thermion Heartbreaker - Vintage Voiced Saturation

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Squeeze the best British blues and rock tones out of any Amp with Heartbreaker. Dynamics, crunch and delicious overdrive in the ultimate preamplifier for classic sound lovers.

Heartbreaker is a versatile tool that will turn any amplifier into a roaring rock and blues machine with the best classic British sound. Authentic boutique tone packed with two gains, dynamic and compressed, that will get that tone that you've been looking for so many years.

Satisfying even the most exquisite ears, Heartbreaker is built one by one using high quality components and adjusting each gain stage, so the sound is optimal in every unit.

Equipped with SE2 technology, it can be used to record through any audio interface. Just open your favorite DAW and load the impulse responses, exclusively designed for Heartbreaker, to turn it into a multitude of British amplifiers that will take your recordings to the next level.

If you want a robust, versatile and exclusive overdrive, get your Heartbreaker.

- Three bands EQ: Bass, Mid, Treble
- Dual gain control: Pre-Amp, Master
- Volume control
- Three modes swtich: Modern, Raw, Vintage

Technical specifications:
- Bass
- Mid
- Treble
- Pre-Amp
- Master
- Volume
- Three ways VRM switch

- Standard pedal power: 9V ‘center negative’ 2.1mm DC jack

- Polarity inversion
- AC connection
- Momentary Overvoltage

- True Bypass
- Possibility of use as effect or preamplifier
- Equipped with SE2 (Studio Environment Emulation) technology with dedicated impulse responses for professional recording
- Anodized metal printing for maximum durability
- Wired, soldered and built by hand according to our quality standards in Albacete (Spain)

Max current consumption
- 100mA

- Input >1MΩ
- Output <1kΩ

Dimensions and weight
- Dimensions 10 x 12 x 5.5cm
- Weight 390gr

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