WorldMax BK-5014SFXG - Black Dawg Aztec Gold Vintage 14" x 5" Snare Drum - Brass Shell

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WorldMax is famous for its high quality snare drums. They look and sound amazing.
With this series "Black Dawg", WorldMax is revisiting back the best American Snare Drums, Brass Shells for the perfect musical overtone and High Quality Hardware.

14" x 5"

- Black Nickel Plated Brass Shell - 1.3mm Thick
- 14" 2.3mm Single Flange Hoops with vintage claws - Aztec Gold Finish
- Aztec Gold Tube Lugs
- "Deluxe" S-10 Strainer
- Die Cast Butt End
- Snare Wire 20 Strands with Phosphore Bronze Plates
- Central Strengthening Bead
- 45° Bearing Edge
- Tuning Drum Key included

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