Ahead Switch Kick - AHSK Two Way Kick + Adapter Shaft

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Switch Kick System
Revolutionize your bass drum with this quick release bass drum beater system. Enabling drummers to switch beaters F.A.S.T:
Flip from a felt head to a hard head in seconds
Adjust to 9 different heights
Switch to over 10 different beater heads
Tool-less design

Two-Way Beater
The Two-way kick beater head provides a classic felt sound or a bright attack sound.

- Two-way, reversible beater head on a red aircraft grade aluminum shaft
- A hard felt head on one side and a hard plastic head on the other side
- Includes Starter System adapter shaft w/dual flat surfaces that is compatible with all the main manufacturers of drum pedals
- Beater head rotates 360 degrees. Turn 90 degrees to lock, unlock or remove

Technical Specifications
Height Range: 15.88cm (6.25") to 20.64cm (8.125")
Overall Length: 13.35cm (5.00")
Head Dimensions: Depth: 5.72cm (2.25"), Width: 4.45cm (1.75"), Length: 3.56cm (1.40")
Weight: 106 grams (Adapter Shaft: 42 grams , Beater Head: 64 grams)
Designed and engineered in California (USA)

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