Cymbomute CMWR24B - 24" Wide Ride Dampener / Silencer

29.00 €


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Set composed of:
- Cymbomute Wide Ride 24" Silencer

With WIDE RIDE™ the special weave of stretch material is scaled up to 100mm wide. Ride cymbals are even more muted than with the standard mute.

Keep the Feel & Pleasure of playing on REAL cymbals
No 'pad aim' so no compromise in your playing style
Cut the Volume and protect your hearing during practice
High grade self-folding material specially made for Cymbomute
Keep a normal stick rebound from your cymbals
Made in all sizes, no setup change for practice
Made in England

Recommendations for use:
- No worn sticks or cracked cymbals, they'll chew through your mutes
- Angle your crashes a little more - it's better for your mutes AND your rims!
- Don't overstretch mutes - use the correct size
- Store mutes off cymbals & out of direct sunlight

- Pre-fold by hand the mutes before fitting
- Hi Hats only need a Top Cymbomute
- The Rim fold will develop over time


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