DrumDial Drum Dial - Drum Tuner

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Made in USA

DrumDial quickly and precisely tunes all drums by accurately measuring drumhead tension NOT tension rod torque.
Tension rod torque can be used to tell you when you are over tightening a bolt to prevent thread damage, but is not accurate for drum tuning because of the difference in screw tolerances, plating, corrosion, and thread wear.
You can eliminate these problems by using a DrumDial to measure drumhead tension directly from the drumhead, allowing you to precisely tune your drums faster and easier than ever before.
DrumDial has been designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards with all the key features you would expect from the best drum tuner available. Get the tuner that really works, get a DrumDial and make it possible for your drums to consistently sound great!

- The DrumDial Edge Gage
- A locking bezel with moveable locators for easy marking of your tuning range
- A lug back for improved handling
- A soft foam lined box to protect the tuner
- Easy to read gage and a precision mechanism for fast, accurate tuning
- Tuning chart and Instructions

Who Can Benefit From a DrumDial?
Professionals, teachers, students, sound techs and studio techs have all benefited from the speed and ease of drum tuning with a DrumDial. We offer the highest quality drum tuner at an affordable price, making it possible for your drums to consistently sound great!

- Silent Operation
- Tuning Accuracy
- Ability to Repeatedly Tune to a Particular Pitch
- Easily Tunes in Loud Surroundings
- Compact and User Friendly
- Measures Timpanic Pressure, not Tension Rod Torque

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